Soup kitchen

Wow. Just love Wednesdays! At 3 pm I hustle on over to my farmer’s place, and scurry up her driveway to see what delish-us-nuss awaits me. This week: Idaho Potato Chowder made with organic red Idaho spuds, organic onions, magic garlic and other good stuff. (A lot of these items were grown at my CSA garden this summer.) Then, I peek in the cooler, and there, in a big brown bag with my name on it, is the bread of the week. Today’s treasure trove: whole wheat rolls with herbs. Man, it doesn’t get any better than this. The rolls are glazed on top and soft and chewy inside. Last time, the bread had the smallest amount of salt on the crust making for the most savory little surprise. Every week something new and different. I start ripping and eating pieces of the fragrant bread loaves or rolls before I have the car in gear.

Wednesday’s: homemade soup and bread every week for 12 weeks. I wish the baker would try her hand at cinnamon rolls. I would just have to sit in their driveway til I ate every one.