Sorry, I was off galavanting in other gardens

Gentle reader,

My apologies. I’ve been MIA again, this time in Dallas for the annual Garden Writers soiree and meetup/tweetup. Aside from dripping in perspiration (glowing) it was a fine time. We saw gardens of the rich and famous and gardens you and I can make. Loved them all. The fact someone spends a nickle or a million on plants and takes the time to artfully arrange them, nurture them, admire them (even if they pay someone else to plant for them) – that floats my boat.

Delicious photos later today.

Meanwhile, this just in from the Denver Botanic Gardens via Sonya, staff gardener for the new Plant Select Garden.A garden made just for the WILD WILD WEST! Woot!

Denver Botanic Gardens has wanted to add a larger, more prominent garden devoted to the Plant Select program for some time now. Before, these plants were integrated throughout our gardens (which will definitely continue) and identified for our visitors by the Plant Select logo on the plant labels. Early in 2009 one of our donors expressed interest in making a donation toward the building of this garden and that’s when everything got rolling. Tina Bishop from Mundus Bishop Design Inc., based in Denver, was retained to design the garden and she adeptly integrated input from the Denver Botanic Gardens’ Horticulture staff. The Horticulture staff then prepared the planting plan and planting began in April 2010.

Our planting plan focused on showcasing the many different Plant Select recommendations and introductions and highlighting those plants which were less represented on our grounds. We created a designated area where people can see the current year’s recommendations all together and the garden will continue to change over time as these new recommendations are integrated into the overall design. We allowed for space in the garden to trial some of the plants suggested as Plant Select candidates but which are still undergoing evaluation. And we will be including containers throughout the garden to display Plant Select selections combined with appropriate companion plants. One tree from the previous garden was kept in situ since it had actually been a Plant Select candidate at one time and so was appropriate.

Fellow gardeners, I will be visiting this garden next week and dutifully reporting back to YOU with a full photo album.