something strange

Something very strange is going on with the blog site.  When you try to access it via a browser, you get a very odd index page.  By clicking on the first line of the index, you can get to the site, but still, what gives? Oh brother, where are thou?  That would be the younger bro-guy, techie hotshot.  Help!

And, as promised, I will post the photo of the scary Old North Wind what-ever-it-is.  Egad.  From a beautiful shade tree to a goofy looking whatever.  I don’t even have a name for it.

Today is the last warm day (according to the weather folks). ‘Sposed to drop twenty degrees tomorrow and feel even colder with lots of wind.  Goin’ low…….to 24.  Yikes!

I spent today making soup, doing laundry, reading garden blogs, reading the Sunday paper, and took a drive through the north end of town to take in all the trees.  Flat out gorgeous.  I think this is one of the more colorful autumns we have had in a few years.  I can’t keep my eyes off my hot pink and red pear tree in front.  OK, just long enough to admire the October Glory maple just below my house.  When the sun sets, that tree  looks to be on FIRE!  It is the hallmark of my autumn.  Hope it doesn’t meet a fate similar to the poor linden next door.  Whaaaaaaaaa.