So much for writing every day

Yeah, but its time to GARDEN! And when I am not in my garden I seem to be in everybody else’s garden. As it should be.

It’s warming up around here. Finally. And I am feeling better, thank you, after a nasty 3.5 week bout of nasty coughing/bronchial/gross/cold/flu-like illness. Husband still on the mend as well and lamenting the fact he still can’t smell much of anything. Anyway, I have him up and scraping the trim on the house so it can be painted and working on a long long list of honey-dos.

Planting planting planting around here. And off today to lay out plants at a friends place and then at the Botanical Garden. We have over a hundred new plants from High Country Gardens to spruce up some hot spots so time is of the essence.

Had the incredible good fortune to visit two gorgeous gardens in the last week: yesterday we had a garden club gathering in Laurie Braun’s wonderful Crescent Rim garden. Tight and trim boxwood beds with 3 foot tall tulips in the center. Outstanding! And a white dogwood with the biggest blossoms of any dogwood I have ever seen. And, two trips to fuss over Jeff Lightbody’s garden in Villa Norte. The guy is a perfectionist and it is a treat to oogle his perfect climbing hydrangeas (after I lost two last year…….do they really need water?) We argue amicably over his use and love of the hideous color sulphur yellow. My preference is for an orange yellow. But Jeff manages to pull off any color scheme with great success and I love razzing him. No turf, small but luxurious outdoor garden spaces, two dogs, fresh strawberries growing on the patio………….what a day!