so little time

I know I am feeling better when I start multi-tasking again. At this very moment I am prepping to co-host the morning show for the River Radio, 94.9 fm, in Boise tomorrow morning. Regular man, Ken Bass, is out for a few days for surgery. Not to worry, Ken, my friend, you can keep your day job. I have NO INTENTION of getting up at 4:45 am on a regular basis. No sir.

To keep tomorrow morning’s drivetime witty and scintillating, one of my topics will be the much anticipated wildflower bloom in the American West. Heavy rains have flower lovers frothing and checking their camera battery packs so they are ready when the call comes. There was a great article in the Wall Street Journal March 1. I hope you can link to it here.

Meanwhile, I am hyperventilating over an invitation to go to Alcatraz next week. Yes, it IS a round trip ticket. To the prison and back. The Garden Conservancy has been busy restoring the gardens of the old prison. A great friend has procured passes for us to go with staff to check this out. Here’s some background info at the Golden Gate Park website for the gardens of Alcatraz.

Plus, there is the trip to SF in general. I am flying in next week to see the San Francisco Garden Show and will cheerfully take my place in a car full of wild women. All completely certifiable garden geeks. We have an Google map laid out for all the nurseries we have to hit. One woman is bringing a van so she can get just a few new plants back to SOCAL. Now consider this: is a car full of garden communicators. Read between the lines: women who get paid to talk for a living. You get the picture: very few opinions, not much to talk about, and it’s been a few months since we’ve seen each other. Well, its been two weeks for a couple of us and then there are a couple of us who haven’t met yet.

Finally, the soil in my flower pots has thawed enough for me to sow some new arugula.

And Saturday, the big Hort Symposium day with Dan Hinckley.

I am exhausted just THINKING about all these things. Whew!