Sisters Oregon Quilt Show

Touted as the largest outdoor quilt show in the US, the Quilt Show in Sisters, OR is a destination vacation for anyone who loves quilts. Or fabric. Or color. Or Sisters. Or Oregon. Personally, I have usually been in a hurry on my way through Sisters, on my way to the coast. This year was different. Boy was it different!

You’ve seen the kind of gardens I like. So you can pretty much guess what my taste in quilts might be. Colorful. I am affectionately known as a color s-l-u-t and am proud of it. About the only color I don’t really care for is sulfur yellow, and I could be convinced to like it if someone would use it in a snazzy way.

Now, I hear tell there were 1200 quilts in Sisters that Saturday – I wasn’t counting. They close the streets to cars, foot traffic only. By 2:30 pm I could hardly walk another step. Here’s a little taste of what I saw: