Simply appalling

I am always appalled/amazed/in wonder at the amount of vegetation that comes OUT of the garden during clean up. I mean, the clippings from the ornamental grasses make huge piles, the rose canes are nasty and can’t go in the compost bin. Most of my roses have the dreaded pseudomona syringa virus and must be discarded. I would burn them if I could, but I got a scare with the barbeque lighter and the ornamental grasses last month so I have to decided the be reasonable and prudent and to leave the fire stuff alone. Sometimes I wonder “what the hell am I thinking” to grow all this stuff and then have to cut it back and dispose of it. I figure I have at least 10 more sessions to go to get the gardens all cleaned up. That does NOT include planting of any kind.

Anyway, it looks good all cleaned up and purdy and orderly. The tulips and alliums can actually feel the sun on them. Maybe some rain tonite to wash them off a bit.