Shopping for plants

Some gardeners just pop into a nursery as they are driving by. Some make neat and tidy lists of things they need and go in search of them. Plants for the perfect place. And then there are those of us who combine these methods into their own shotgun/scattershot approach to gardening. Of course I have a plan. Don’t ask to see it cuz its up here. You know, in my head.

Here’s how it comes together:

The crimson cherry rhubarb is looking so good in the big glazed pot I WANT MORE. Two more, thank you. I happen to have two big unglazed pots (that are starting to look like the ruins of Pompeii) that would be perfect for two more plants. On the list: 2 crimson cherry rhubarbs. You will recall, we need a boatload of rhu for making rhu juice for rhubarbtinis, the nectar of goddesses. I could harvest the new rhubarb right now if I needed to. The stalks are have about 6 inches of the reddest red I’ve ever seen. Young. Tender. For eating. Are there raspberries in the freezer?

Don’t tell anyone, but I am woefully underplanted in the state flower of the state I am in. So I am in search of three different philadelphus, Belle Etoile, a single, and Hermine, a double. I found Hermine at a local grower. I have yet to go buy it. And I must, MUST have a native species because, that is the state of the state.

At one nursery I even have my own holding area. This should not surprise you so stop snort-laughing. In this area you will find, right this very moment, one espaliered fruit tree (apple), one weeping spruce, 3 bloomed out PJM rhodies. I am whining for them to get me a couple of the Kopper Kettle Itoh peonies. Yup, at $65 a pop, they are pricey. But I want them and will work for plants.

I intend to plant a couple of “swaths” of lavender, and my two fave varieties are Grosso and Provence. Sadly, the old Grosso, 11 years old, had to be yanked last fall. The size of a VW beetle, it was blocking the path and even the most clever pruning could not make it work.

Still can’t decide if I want a couple more Tiger Eye staghorn sumacs or if I should go for a couple more Black Lace elderberries. Mulling. I am mulling.

I think today is the day I start planting the sunflower forest. Stay tuned.