Say NO to this plant

Quite possibly one of the most alluring blue plants I have ever seen – especially in the high desert. Bluer than blue, interesting shape, tough as nails. SO, OF COURSE IT IS A NOXIOUS WEED. With a name like Viper’s Bugloss, you know its bad-ass. I came across it on a side road in Hailey the other day, screeched to a halt to admire it, touched it, knew it was gonna be bad news, got the bad news (it turns all thistley and stickery), had it identified by Ann DeBolt, rock star botanist at the Idaho Botanical Garden, and now I share the badness with you. Echium vulgare. Even the botanical name is nasty.

Eradicate it if you come across it. Beware it has the potential to cause severe skin irritation or contact dermatitis. You should also call your county weed office and let them know you’ve found it.