Rub a dub dub, look in the tub

Someone should just slap me now. I picked up an entire flat of new plants, 15 little four inch pots at Far West Nursery today. 12 glossy little bergenia ‘Winterglut’ or in our language, ‘Winterglow’ and 3 thymus ‘Coccineus Major’. Love the common name for bergenia: pigsqueak. I have plans for pigsqueak near the walkway and in big clumps in front of the house. The color is sensational. Right now it is a beautiful bronze color on one side and a mauve/purple on the back side. I loathe mauve, so we will call it purple. the plan is this, just hang on to them, keep ’em alive until the ground thaws, and then BINGO! in they go and I will be ahead of the crowd.

If anyone cares, they are having a bang up good sale at Far West Nursery on State Street in BOI. Everything in the greenhouse/stash area is 75% off. I got some cool plates with birds on them that I have liked for over a year but couldn’t justify the everyday price. Picked up a box of very good beeswax candles for my friend, B. A whole box for nice rich dark blue for $4.75—(should have remembered to give them to her in lieu of my $5 ticket to see Al Gore). Plus, and here is the fabu find, a huge 13 inches tall, 10 inches in diameter, frosted lime green glass cylindrical vase or vauze, and I already know what goes in it. I have been keeping an armload of dried lunaria pods in the garage for a year and a half. Can’t part with them, knew how I wanted to display them but didn’t have a big enough vauze. Nothin stoppin me now.

But someone, anyone, should really stop me from buying plants. We are not going to discuss the little private nursery collection I have tucked here and there. Like the 3 lovely black ajuga in the garage. Bought them as they were being unloaded off the truck last October. Didn’t get them in the ground. Maybe three orange globe mallows and three more prairie smokes. Maybe a butterfly weed. One photinia and one salvia pachyphylla. Stopppppppp.