Some of you recall (with your eyes rolling) how I much I loathe the whole idea of geographic confusion. Or, when otherwise smart people (I am being charitable here) do stupid things.

Someone took a swipe at me a couple months ago about my post on Saguaro Canyon, the development in West Boise, where perfectly lovely saguaro cactus went to die and where now they have tied down the remaining SW desert plants to keep them from uprooting themselves and going back home to AZ and NM where they belong. Allow me to share this little picture essay with you, gentle readers, and then YOU tell ME what you think of the whole shebang.

I mean really, how can the residents of this neighborhood allow these ropes to stay on these trees and plants????????Why hasn’t someone cut the ropes off and FIRED the landscape company who left them there? Anyone?

I showed these photos to several local horticulture experts and they were last seen and heard running screaming off into the sunset………..

I wonder if I would get arrested for sneaking over to that ‘hood and liberating those trees?