Rocky Mountain Gardener’s Guide, page by page

If someone out there can give me the specific difference between Autumn Crocus and Meadow Saffron, I’d sure appreciate it. I’ve been working on the Rocky Mountain Gardener’s Guide and this one has me totally hung up.

Annuals, check.

Perennials, check.

Edibles, check.

Bulbs, Corms, Rhizomes, whaaaaaaaa.

Groundcovers, check. BTW, I knocked creeping phlox off the short list today. If anyone wants to defend it and tell me why it should stay in the chapter, give it your best shot. I replaced it (gotta have an even number of plant profiles in each chapter) with Creeping Red Thyme. The phlox looks good for about a New York minute. Then all scraggly, barely hanging on to the planet, a loosey goosey mat. Crispy and wispy, like an undeveloped tumbleweed. Now you know how I feel about it. It won’t surprise you to know I ripped mine out by the head the other day.

Still working on Lawngrasses and Ornamental Grasses, Roses, Shrubs, Vines and Trees.

As my friend Robin says, I am eating the elephant. One bite at a time.

Gardening 365- Day 179.