Rocky Mountain Gardeners Guide

The word is out.

Roger Waynick, Publisher at Cool Springs Press, has announced the lineup of new books in the pipeline.

I am the project editor for the Rocky Mountain Gardeners Guide, due in stores January 2011. If I do say so myself, just seeing what the book will look like (on the screen) was very humbling. I am trying very hard to make this a valuable resource for new and beginning gardeners in the Wild Wild West.

Basin and Range, crazy makin’ weather, arid, not-so-arid, majestic, full of critters, crappy soil, avalanches, hail the size of golf balls, high altitudes, hot deserts…….its all here. There are a good many great gardeners who went before me : Polly Bemis, my greatgrands and grands, the Chinese farmers of Garden City, pioneers and homesteaders throughout the rugged west. These people survived and flourished here, fed themselves from their gardens with nary a watt of air conditioning or pressurized irrigation. Many did not have the combustion engine at the ready.

Gardening here is not for the faint of heart or for sissies. I think we can do it. Let ‘er buck.

(sorry, but that’s all the sharper I could make the image).