Rockin’ the garden now, in the high and dry heat of summer

A short list of the plants that are holding up well to this relentless heat and no rain:

-The prince of my high desert garden, Henry’s lily. Still loaded with blossoms, 5+ feet tall. Orange and sunny.
-Desert Four O’ Clock, mirablis multiflora, purple, mounding spreading groundcover. Lavender flowers, gray green foliage.
-Anise hyssop, or hummingbird mint or agastache. Orange Flare is rocking it. In the past, Ava has done a grand job. Need to replace Ava.
-Wine cups, callirhoe involucrata. Great spreader, deep magenta. Trim back to keep it from getting messy and to keep it blooming.
-Oakleaf hydrangea, big, blowsy cream or cream w/pink tinted blossoms. Needs water every 4 days or so, but so strong.
-Rose of Sharon, coming on STRONG. Will not stop until a hard frost. Covered with blooms, white, pink, white w/dark maroon throat.
-All the ornamental grasses.
-Sedum matrona.
-Tomatoes (yum)
-Peaches (waaaaaaaaaaay yum).

When the going gets tough....

When the going gets tough….