Rockin’ the garden in the heat of summer.

There are a handful of plants that are working hard right now, and by that I mean, lookin’ good in the garden. Hell, even I don’t look good in the garden. We’ve had a month of days over 95, and several of those popped above 100. And then some.So, while most of us are just holding on and surviving the heat, a few seem to relish it. Here’s a quickie run down:

Lilium Henryi: Lily henry

Sedum Matrona and the fantastic Blue Grama grass (buteloa gracillis)
Sedum Matrona: for richer color, larger blossoms with Blue Grama grass ( GWWW  Photo)

Blue Oat Grass: blue oat grass

Agastache ‘Shades of Orange'” I can actually hear the hummingbirds zipping around to feed on this. agastache_aurantiaca_shades_orange_lg

The hotter the better for hardy hibiscus: Lord Baltimore, a tried and true tropical looking thing. Botanical named Hibiscus moscheutos, this hottie does well anywhere in our region, Zones 4-10. Flowers are sensational and up to 10 inches across. Plants are big, so give them room, 5 feet tall and as wide.

Thinking out loud here, the blue oat grass would look awesome paired up with the towering Henry’s lily, and the Shades of Orange would be another excellent choice in that grouping. A colorful, drought tolerant, sun loving, can-take-the-heat-combo.

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