rock and roll with the River

Have to get up e-a-r-l-y, way too early for me in the dark of dawn. To the radio station, that would be 94.9, the River, to talk about what’s new and fun for gardeners as we approach the holidays. They want to talk about bulbs and trees. I hope they fire up Tom Petty as I am driving in. Or Gnarls Barkley.

Tip: I potted up two glorious amaryllis this evening and felt so “garden-ey” doing it. One is a big double named Aphrodite, the other a single, white with red blush at the edges. I find myself staring at them to see if they are pushing green blades through the crown already. What? You say two hours is not quite enough time? I used warm water when I watered them in.

I just crack myself up. Maybe, I should be locked up for the crack ups. One minute I am stomping around here happy as a hell that the season is OVER -the growing season-and then next minute I am planting something. Whoaaaaaaa! Maybe its just the notion that I can plant these two bulbs, they have a relatively short time at center stage, and the fact they barely take up one square foot of space makes this type of gardening manageable. Manageable. Imagine that.

As I used to say about someone I didn’t particularly admire: “My, she has an astute command of the obvious.”

Sometime soon I will tell you about one of the coolest art installations I have ever seen. Hint: it was based on 1000 amaryllis bulbs.