Road trip!!! Give me land lotsa land under starry skies above…

Across the burning desert sands
traveled a lonesome caravan,
under skies of azure blue,

I won’t go into the second verse of that.

But here are my traveling companions:

My traveling companions. Big D and Cash

and check this out, a gazillion teen-ninesy buckwheats (erigonums), all over the cinder fields at Craters of the Moon. I have to get back here in June to catch this in bloom.

The road disappears (and this just happens to be a re-occuring nightmare of mine, left over from my first trip across the Floating Bridge into Seattle when I was 8).

UH, dropping off the edge???

They trained the Apollo astronauts here in 1968, Craters of the Moon National Monument

Tomorrow: your roving reporter will check in from Jellystone. Where the deer and the antelope play.