River and streams and “To buy or not to buy”

Visited with my radio guys at the River 94.9 this morning in the 7:45 am drive time slot. Cool news: they are completely revamping their web site and will be linking over to this site. So now, dear listeners and readers, the River will be “streaming” so I think you can listen to the show via your computer.

Ah, the rites of Spring.

Today I was at Far West Nursery. Here’s the brain chatter while cheerfully and thoughtfully fondling the grape cuttings and the bundles of strawberry starts: do I or don’t I start AGAIN (for the third frickin time) some raspberry canes? Oh, and then I could go for about 5 hills of rhubarb. Three of the Crimson and 2 of the Victoria. I know, who could eat that much rhubarb? ME. And looky here now: some asparagus starts. No, I haven’t the energy to dig a trench nor the patience to wait two years for the spears. I want to, know I should, I miss our pagan rituals of gorging ourselves on Johnny Pat’s ass-purr-grass, but I don’t know where to put it, and again, I don’t have the energy to dig the bed properly. Which strawberry variety? Crap, I need room for 3 varieties of raspberries. Do I dare grow currants? No, still paranoid 50 years after the blister rust crisis in the Idaho forest and I know that is unfounded and I live in the desert and not the forest but then, what do i know and maybe I better Google it when I get home. Where can I buy good filbert trees? Back to those raspberries. If I pay attention I could get it set up so the fruiting season lasted from June to September. Yup, gotta have three varieties of the canes.

I got in the car having spent plenty of money. Not a berry plant in my hand. I bought two clematis for my sister in law, they were 60% off and I know just where they are going. I bought a Madame Galen trumpet vine in the apricot /orange color and will plop it in where the wisteria has failed miserably for the last seven years. Again, 60% off last years vines. If I kill that at least I won’t be heartbroken over the financial part of it. Bought three new Granny-somebody blue atlas cedars for the driveway bed. Maybe. Should just say yes. Have been wanting to try that arrangement for years in that place and why don’t I trust my first instinct? They will be used in the Boise Flower Show first and then come to my house. Maybe. Yes.

And tomorrow, an update on the progress re: how to build a garden show display garden……..or four at once.