revisionist history & heirloom apples

Alright. Here’s the deal. I have failed miserably at the plan to post every single day. We are on to plan B. Plan B is this: I will have 365 posts (minimum) for the year. Maybe not one per day, but one for each day. How’s about them apples?

And speaking of apples, here is a link to an article on apples in the Seattle PI the other day. Chris Smith wrote about the Bob Norton’s apple lists and they are wonderful to review. Chirs writes a column on edibles.  Yummers.  How about an apple named Esopus Spitzenberg? Wow. It was reportedly a fave of Thomas Jefferson.

Chris’s article also tells you where to find these heirloom wonders. And I will start a new category (on the sidebar) with links to the nurseries.

And, I would love someone’s pear tree recommendations as well.  I have a fantasy of making my garden very edible.  The neighbors have a neglected pear tree (and it is blocking my view of the state Capitol building by the way).  But bless their little pear pickin hearts, that tree is loaded, every year, with enough pears for the ‘hood. They are gracious and put up a U-pick sign so folks can help themselves to the abundance.  Nice.