Rethinking Idaho Landscapes: This Saturday, November 3rd.

It was blistering hot this summer and rainfall?…..what rainfall?

Let us not stand idly by watching our gardens and resolve shrivel. No No No! Gather with the garden tribe at the regular meeting place, the Convention Center on the Grove, for A HORTICULTURE SYMPOSIUM: RETHINKING IDAHO LANDSCAPES.

Sign up for the party/educational program by calling the Botanical Garden at 343-8649, or show up at the door at 8:15 am and get yourself registered. Marcia Tatroe will be back in town to talk about the practice of Cutting Edge Gardening in the Intermountain West. Marcia has a new book on Cutting Edge Gardening and will share her photos, wisdom and practices. She is a seasoned Colorado gardener and was involved in developing waterwise gardening in Colorado. Xeriscape was a term coined in Colorado in the 1970’s. (one more time: Zeraahhh-scape, not Zer-OH scape).

Marcia will be joined by presenters Panyoti Kelaidis of the Denver Botanical Garden; and Dr. Stephen Love of the University of Idaho. A panel of local horticulturalists will be on hand to answer your questions about dealing with drought, being ready for it, and gardening in spite of it.

Be there or be square.