Rethinking Idaho Landscapes: A Horticultural Symposium

Hey, we’ve got a great lineup for Saturday, November 13th at the Hort Symposium! You can find me here (the blurb about my presentation):

How to make an English Garden in the Desert.

The “English Garden” style may be the single most beloved, recognized, and sought after garden type in existence. These gardens are all about abundance – abundance of color, plant variety, blossoms, foliage and fragrance. Is it do-able and sustainable in the high desert of Idaho? Yes, it is!

Mary Ann led the team that created the Contemporary English Garden at the Idaho Botanical Garden in 1997. She will share with you the original plant lists and the list of new plants for 2011 as well as the lessons learned, the elements of English Garden design and how to make them work in the wild west.

Boise Center on the Grove. Call the Botanical Garden office at 208-343-8649 to purchase your ticket!