reporting in

Hmmmmmmm. I am sorry to report, this year’s show in Seattle was a disappointment.

There were a handful of very good display gardens, but just a few. Much to my chagrin. Here are a few snaps from my favorites:

Robyn Cannon’s French potager: delish! One part of a three part display titled Garden 2 Table.


A diminutive planting of purple, gray and blue…….enchanting, and was found at the base of the the upcoming planter……img_8760.jpg

At the base of this ripped and curled steel planter which I absolutely coveted. Couldn’t imagine getting this on the plane.


And this was a cheerful outdoor space……..good color


Incredible dry stack rock work. We were crazy about the walls. I might even be able to pull off the river rock gabians.


And this soft aqua/blue/gray patio set up may be my favorite garden this year, the plant materials were perfectly coordinated with the fabrics or maybe the other way around…..anyway……it worked for me.img_8733.jpg

I also really liked this outdoor kitchen because it was so humble. No $10K barbie here folks. This reminds me of the rusty kamp kitchen we have in Oregon or the canning kitchen that was featured in one of the articles on Mary Jane’s Farm in Idaho. LOVE IT!img_8729.jpg

It came with a chicken coop full of laying hens a ‘layin (I counted 2 eggs Wednesday and 1 on Thursday). Sorry the focus is so poor. The coop was roofed with a strawberry patch. This was a LOT of fun!

One more for good measure: This birder’s identification chart was eye catching and a great idea. May steal this notion for the botanical garden. OK, maybe for my garden.img_8721.jpg