Refresher Course on Yours Truly

In the process of cleaning up this blog, which has been around for about ten years, some serious housecleaning has been undertaken. Old posts considered “old news” have been and will continue to be removed, information updated to reflect current news/science, etc. Right now, we are still in the process so pardon our mess.

Nowadays, I am contributing to Country Gardens magazine, the gardening publication of Meredith Corporation (you may know them as Better Homes and Gardens). I have articles in the CG’s magazine from time to time, and in each issue, I have 4-7 book reviews. I still do some design work with the staff of the Idaho Botanical Garden, including the new Tango border, and the ongoing refreshing of the Contemporary English Garden. This season, we are re-working the original herb garden, the vision and work of my late, dear friend, Dorothy Anderson.  My latest collaboration is with Fine Gardening magazine, as the regional reporter for the Mountain West. Do stop by when you can.

Here’s what’s rockin’ the front porch right now: Hellebores and primroses. The hellies will be re-homed in the garden when it’s time to change out the plantings for summer.

Now, let’s get down and dirty…

Spring has sprung with primroses and hellebores.