Red, White and Blue for the Fourth of July

I’ve got some fun ideas for the Fourth of July. In case you needed some ideas.

Had the good fortune to catch up w/the fabulous and oh so talented and dedicated Wendolla, or Wendy Southerland, in her garden the other day. Yes, it was on the Garden Tour a couple weeks ago, but I was out of town and just HAD to see it for myself. She has a passion for blue bottle trees. Silly me, I did not recognize the bottles as blue-bottles-formerly-known-as-Skye-vodka-vessels. Looks like we’ll be changing up our vodka brand this summer at Ranch du Bois.

Fell flat out in love with the snowy tansy, the tiny chrysanthemum shrub/plant by the pond. It was backed up by a rich, blue bugloss (anchusa) and I think it begs for a blue bottle tree.

Any way, here’s a little looks see. More to come.

The tansy is hard to see in the collage, here’s a bigger shot of it.