Rattlesnake school

Creepy as it may be, I’ve signed my dog up for Rattlesnake Avoidance School. It is imperative he learn to avoid all rattlers. I am tired of him having to stay home when Flyboy goes fishing or hiking on the Owyhee or South Fork. For that matter, I live across the street from a gazillion acres of rattlesnake country. There may have been a lurker in the front flower bed a couple of years ago. (I ended up turning on the sprinklers and letting them run in that area for awhile. Rattlers don’t wanna be wet and cold.) Last year, we were out of town and missed the class.

Crotalus viridis, the Western Rattlesnake.

According to Zimo, our local outdoor guide extraordinaire, it is an amazing process to watch. It’s forty bucks and takes all of 15 minutes. Last time I heard of someone’s dog getting bitten, it was about $1000 in vet bills and touch and go to save the dog. I’ve got $40 and 15 minutes. I have all day if that’s what it takes.

To sign up, call 208-463-2304. The class is at Veteran’s Park, Saturday August 14th, from 8am -1pm. You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks Zimo for the head’s up!