Raised garden beds

Alright friends and neighbors and readers. The reservoirs in the wild west are pretty much at 100% capacity. And I offer this piece of evidence at Owyhee Reservoir. The Glory Hole. (Note to fishermen: uh, no, NO fishing took place).

So, having had enough rain, snow, rain, snow, wind, and rain, we’ve decided to move forward with the gardening season at Ranch du Bois. No, really. We mean it. Steaks on the grill and martinis tonight to prove it. We are moving this party outside.

Meanwhile, the boys have been very busy making Mama happy. You know the old saying, if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t NO-BODY happy? Looky here now:

For all their hard work, I am making them a hot lunch and fluffing the sofa pillows so they can watch the Masters.