Pruning hydrangeas

Again, a little help from my friends: this time, garden writer Marianne Binetti from Seattle tells how to prune hydrangeas, if at all. Click here for a link to her advice column in the Seattle PI.

And put this on the calendar: Idaho Botanical Garden/Boise State Horticulture Program Plant sale April 20 and 21. Members only on Friday night. It is worth it to pay $35 for a membership to get in and get the pick of the crop. Saturday the sale is open to everyone. Last year I bought giant overflowing hanging baskets and then used them in a client’s jumbo patio containers. Presto! Instant loveliness. I did add a couple of tall annuals where I needed height (that you wouldn’t have been able to do in a hanging basket). But that was easy, just tuck them down into the soft planting mix and everyone looked good. The IBG combos were gorgeous and not your run-of-the-mill color pots from the big box stores. And, because they have a greenhouse operation, the pots were ready when I was, I didn’t have to plant up and wait 6 weeks for all the summer lushness.

It’s supposed to be 71 today, 65 tomorrow and 60 the next day……….guess where you can find me?