Plurk, Twitter and Farking

No, I don’t need my mouth washed out with soap, thank you.

Plurk, Twitter and Fark are just few of the myriad of new social networking devices available to all of us in the gi-hugic electronic world. I resisted them for months. Then, my totally hipster 28 year old niece, home from Austin for the weekend, informed me I must be plurking and twittering. I can’t disappoint her. Besides, Dee of Red Dirt Fame, Elizabeth of Gardening While Intoxicated, Carol of May Dreams, (and by far my favorite hoe collector), Kathy Purdy of Cold Climate, BumbleBee of Maryland, well…they all find a few minutes to stay in touch via Twitter and Plurk. Who am I to swim against the tide?

No, I don’t run in every few minutes to check my Twitter and Plurk pages. I sign on when I am already sitting at the computer, trying to be witty and sharp. I go to my friends for humor and any excuse to keep from working. I call it twurking. Husband hasn’t got on yet: “Hon, can’t help you right this second, I am busy twurking!”.

Now I ask you, is this any more absurd than watching re-runs of the Superbowl or Top Gun for the 18th time?