Plum delicious.

Lawsy mercy. I just made some great plum jam and the house is smelling sooooooooo good. Borrowed the recipe from the Tigress in a Jam, Plum Jam Noir.

Up next, nectarine preserves. I didn’t even realize that was the Tigress’s previous post. I’ve been carting around the new : Canning for a New Generation: , Bold, Fresh Flavors for the New Modern Pantry. It’s a glorious read, too. Flyboy is totally enamored with the luscious nectarines we are getting at the farmer’s market, so I thought I’d put up a little bit of summer in a jar to brighten his day… come January.

And don’t think it takes all day to do this. Yup, it took about a half hour to go to the market. If you include washing the jars before I sterilized them, it took lest than two hours.

Gardening 365 – Day 263