Playing hooky from yoga

I had planned, honest, I had, to go to yoga this morning. But then I got swamped at the desk. I know I know it’s no excuse. But let me tell you what I have been up to.

First a shout out to my new blogging pal, Sweet Home and Garden in Chicago……I listed her on the blog roll to the right. Whip on over there. She has a nice blog roll that I took a minute to scroll through, too make sure I am up on the latest bloggers to enter the garden.

Yummmm, then I was a bad girl yesterday. Took a spin through Barnes and Noble for an armload of European gardening/design/lifestyle mags and came home with some delishusness. For those of you who knit AND garden, check out this website:, oooooweeeeeeee, for the Silver Leaf Satchel. Leaves and knitting all come together in this and we know I don’t ever have enough to do and there isn’t a closet full of yarn lurking somewhere in this house and of course I need another project and NOW.
Silver Leaf Bag

Have you ever seen anything so cool? (Of course, that’s rhetorical.)

And like I didn’t have enough on my counter or plate, I realized yesterday that if all the gardens are running a month early around here, I best be checking into my super secret pickling cucumber source to see where THEIR garden stands. Uh, just in time, I find out. They are picking this morning and I will have my first batch of cukes to deal with this afternoon. Which now means, I must run downstairs, inventory the jars, the salt, the lids, the vinegar, etal. Need to figure out how many jars of B & B’s I went through last year as well as how many jars of dills. I hope to be pickling for the rest of this month. We ran out early this year. Husband thinks he needs a pint jar for every fishing trip.

Off to the rainlocker.