Planting Idaho

The personal phone call hasn’t come just yet. But it will. When they realize they need my help. Idaho Gardener. Yes, I can garden the entire state if someone would just ask me. No job too small. We need 2 MILLION pounds of sagebrush seeds. They are “smaller than cracked pepper.”

According to the Idaho Statesman, “over 4000 square miles of the Great Basin went up in flames last year, 1000 square miles of that in the Murphy Complex fires, the biggest fires in Idaho in 97 years.”

My beloved botanist Ann DeBolt, tells me my hillside is a place to start. I have artemisia tridentata tridentata (big basin sage) growing right across the lawn and a gazillion acres of it across the street. And one particular plant (“unofficially and federally protected” [ read: MA has a shotgun]) is growing in a crevice in the middle of my sandstone patio.


OK, this is not my lawn. But I wish it was. Credit goes to Gary Monroe, who copyrighted this photo for the USDA Plants Database.

And for those of you not in love with the sagebrush steppes and desert of the Great Basin……we planned it that way. Stay where you are.