Planted vs. buried.

We are halfway there friends and neighbors. It’s that time of the year in the gardening season where I stand here, shaking my head, wondering what the hell was I thinking?

Hi, I am Mary Ann and I have a problem with buying plants and not knowing where I will plant them.

I am looking at a dozen spindley tomato plants that need homes. I grabbed 2 six packs of Sun Golds after making several unsuccessful forays to buy them elsewhere. Truly, I was in a panic. I have six alliums I purchased for pollination, some field trial stuff (not purchased, but in my possession all the same), and a half dozen starts of Indian rice grass. And 2 blue oat grasses. And an Ultraviolet purple sage. Oh, there are those lime green oreganos and the veronicastratum. And the seven Prairie Jewel penstemons I quickly donated to Flyboy’s hillside project. “Here Honey, try these! No, oh heavens, NO, I don’t need them in my part of the garden. But you are sweet to ask.”

I planted the French Hollyhock. What was left of it. We may well look back on this action as a burial.

Come to think of it, at this point in the season, it’s kind of a toss up whether I am planting OR burying any of this stuff.