plant lust

I think we have covered this subject before. It’s never pretty. Well, that’s not entirely accurate…………

The plants are gorgeous, seductive, lush, flush with new color and blossoms, greenhouse bright and warm while the sky outside is dark, dismal, temperatures refuse to get above 49………you get the picture. And then the call comes.

From Jeff:


Yes, Jeff?

Have you been to Edwards?

Not this week. (It’s Monday)

Why not?

Out of town.

J: Well, I was there and I was thinking, they have ENTIRE flats of those black succulents -that grow about a foot on the stem- stay really dark, and they would look great in a ribbon-like drift through your garden! And they are only $20 per flat.

Me: you must mean aeonium Schwarzkopf, the black one. Really? (I am thinking to myself, hmmmmmmm, this is a guy who makes me look like I am standing still in the garden. Like I have never been in a garden. Of course he thinks I should plant an entire flat of succulents as annuals in my garden in a ribbon. Because HE WOULD. We won’t tell him the three giant rusted brake drums are still sitting where he put them in my garden last November.)

Jeff: and MA?

Yes, Jeff?

MA, when you get there, call me, I may need some stuff for my garden.

You bet.

So, later in the afternoon, after failing to find Jeff via cell phone, I wander on over to Edwards. I pass through the big custom potting areas where the Easter lilies are regaling the world with their creamy trumpets. I venture past the pink hydrangeas with blooms the size of soccer balls. I admire the cyclamen. Make my way back to where I know the aeoniums are. Yup. There they are. And they look good. But what am I going to do with them? Its supposed to rain and possibly drop 2 inches of snow tomorrow. I pass them by. And wander out back. Big mistake.

I can see they have unloaded a fresh shipment of shrubs. Uh-oh. What are those? Some kind of blushing willow? Guaranteed not to leaf scorch. Row upon row of physocarpus ‘Summer Wine,’ and lookin’ fine. Yes, but I have Diablo and I hate it. Rangy bastard. I like the tiny pink/blush flowers in late spring and the dark jet seeds that follow. Hate the rest of the plant.

Then there are the oriental spruce trees. $295. Get outta here! Get back inside the greenhouse! Go now!

Whew. OK, will just stroll through the perennials. What do they have in the pentemon section? How about agastache? OMG! Look at those? Eremurus? Already up? Cleopatra? The 6 foot orange one? Make a note. Make a lonnnnnnnnnnng note. Run over to the echinaceas……….

Twilight, Sundown, Sunset…………..