Plant amnesty

Alright. I am having a cow here. The neighbors, bless their little pea pickin hearts, have just gone too far. I can’t even bear to show you a picture of what they have done. Maybe tomorrow. After I recover.

Once upon a time, there was a lovely 25+ year old linden tree in my next door neighbors’ back yard. Well, it died. The root system was severely damaged when they had a new concrete patio installed. Nevermind that I had recommended a deck instead of a patio. Nevermind. When I saw the jackhammers there a couple years ago, I knew the tree was doomed. Knew it. They blew it. And sure enough. Big dead tree. It used to shade the entire west-facing side of their house. I wonder how much that was worth in air conditioning bills? It was taller than the house. Lush. Green.

But, no, the tale doesn’t end there. No sireee bob.

This week, and I mean all week and all day, they had a guy with chainsaw and blowtorch work the stump over. I don’t think it is technically a stump because it is 8-9 feet high (yes, I can see it from my living room, from my deck, from my bedroom). (And Ardie consulted the General Manual ??????? and it said stumps can’t be tall.) Anyway, the guy created a creature/sculpture with a scary face, a scorched black stump of an arm, one unfortunately big outstretched hand (to hold birdfood?) and a beard. It’s in the middle of their patio. Can’t be moved. Mercy.
I still have a headache from being whacked in the head in Santa Fe. And get that chainsaw fired up next door, for a week, and then to have to look at Old North Wind or whatever they are calling it………see where I am going here?

Someone, anyone, needs to call the Plant Amnesty folks. I doubt they have jurisdicition here, but they should. Their mission is to end the senseless torture and mutilation of trees and shrubs. End shear madness.

I will try to screw up the courage to take a snapshot and post it here tomorrow. I am just scared to get too close to the thing. Looks like it could start waving its one good arm and talking at any minute. Mind you, I still can’t watch the flying creepy monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. Deliver me from evil.