P L A N T S A L E S!

GEAR UP! Get your wagons circled, your sun bonnet on it, your membership card at the ready and make way to the annual plant sale at the Idaho Botanical Gardens on Friday at 4. The good stuff goes fast, and I know my way around, so you better have your shopping shoes on. Wine is served (of course). The sale goes on through Saturday. And don’t miss the Native Plant Sale being held on Saturday at the MK Discovery Center off Walnut and Park Center.

I am working on getting the two sales combined and more wine for all next year. I mean really, wouldn’t it be so much easier to shop til ya drop in one big venue? O-MY-GAWD! A plant mall! When you are checking out at both events, be sure and drop a little idea, like, “wouldn’t it be grand if y’all were together in one place? IBG and the Native Plant Sale all in one place next year?”

That ought to do it. Be insistent and keep up the good work. YOU know who you are.