P Allen Smith welcomes us to Moss Home Farm and Arkansas

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Two weeks ago, I had the great good fortune to participate in the Garden 2 Blog gathering in Little Rock, Arkansas. P. Allen Smith and crew were exceptional hosts. It had been a long time since I was in Little Rock (a couple decades, in fact). Southern hospitality is just that. Lovely. Hospitality.

Upon arrival in Little Rock, my driver took a moment to show me just a couple of the City’s landmarks before the sunset: the capitol, the Clinton Library, etc. (Total hospitality) At the gorgeous, historic Capital Hotel, it was easy to find my group since their merriment was audible -from the bar (in all fairness, they were eating dinner). Everyone was excited to be together and ready for “gardeners’ summer camp.”

The next day began in earnest with a run through the menu at the hotel. Why looky here! Bacon Cheese Grits and Poached Eggs! My dear friend, the beautiful, industrious, willowy BumbleBee blogger – Robin – joined me for cappuccinos and breakfast.

Right off the bat we are making new friends right and left: Sassy Carrie Stokes from Between the Limes ,Chris of Redneck Rosarian notoriety, Diane LaSauce of I-made-2000-Key-Lime-Pies fame. Carolyn Binder, a saucy, zesty red head (1), Teresa Byington (of ‘best hair-do-ever fame) and with 175 roses giving the Redneck a run for his money, Chris Tidrick a/k/a our garden philosopher, and the shy as all get out artist, Steve Asbell, hailing from N Florida. (There are more to introduce, so hold your ponies).

Our first stop was a tour of the Governor’s mansion and gardens. First Lady of Arkansas, the energetic and gracious Ginger Beebe greeted us in the garden and again at the luncheon.
IMG_0052 Allen has worked with the garden staff creating a garden for the people of Arkansas: a welcoming, strolling garden including roses, vegetables and herbs.

Public Service Announcement No. 43: I accepted this trip as the guest of P Allen Smith and his business associates at Hortus. They paid my airfare, hotel and meals. I received some swag. There you have it. Feel free to share it with the CIA, FAA, HMFIC, FCC, FBI and anyone else monitoring my business including the IRS in Ohio.