P Allen Smith fans and friends and the G2B13 Challenge

Friends, Romans, Countrymen/women, get your clickers ready: yours truly is going to visit P Allen Smith and friends at Moss Mountain Farm  in Arkansas. The fabulous cookware maker, Le Creuset is a sponsor. They gave each of us our choice of color for the small French Oven. We are to create/make/photograph a kick butt recipe, and send the beauty shots to Allen and staff. When it’s my turn to be featured on the web, they will keep track of the likes, comments, and atta girls and hopefully there will be too many to count! Oh yeah, and if that’s the case? I get a 3 piece set of the new Soleil cookware line. At which point I will be forever grateful and will pony up my first born male. You in? Thanks.


ps, I chose the color “Fennel.”LS2501-1869_full