Over and done with it all

I have just come out of a week of being sick………..a nasty cold that knocked me out of commission for what seems like forEVER. No stamina. No energy. How much of that was leftover from coping with the holiday? Who knows. Its over now. Onward.

This is the week everything gets put in place for the design of the Boise Flower and Garden show theme gardens. Yup, that’s right, plural. Gardens. Four small gardens, each would fit on a balcony. This is a nod to the 500+ new condos and lofts on the drawing board for Boise.

I can’t wait to put together the one we are calling the Mediterranean Table. Hot, hot colors like orange and pink with fresh veggies and herbs, fragrance, beauty- a garden of plenty. Lavender, rosemary, mesclun (not mescaline), arugula, whatever I can get up and growing in a greenhouse.

And this will be fun: the Bachelor’s Balcony: sleek, minimalist, masculine. I am thinking charcoal grey, silver, chrome, leather, crisp greenery, an outdoor TV for watching the big game or the Wall Street ticker. Stirred, not shaken.

For the Zen master, a garden called Asian Inspiration. Maybe I will use a cinnabar red, smooth surfaces, bamboo water feature, pine tree for longevity, bamboo for flexibility, silk for sensuality, paper lanterns and a tea ceremony…… Maybe a little wabi-sabi for good measure.

Last but not least, the Rustic Porch. For the sentimentalist, the collector, the lover of all things old. Soft patinas and a soft palette, probably blue and white and yellow. Worn linens and weathered furnishings. A touch of whimsy and a place for taking naps and drinking ice tea.

Ah, back to the garden………..