Order up!

Alrighty then. Placed the order for the fluffy new plants. 32 flats to be exact. Here’s a partial list of what’s going in the show gardens:

Achillea ‘Salmon Beauty’
Geum ‘Double Bloody Mary’
Helleborus, pink varieties
Leucanthemum x s. ‘Aglaia
Poppies galore, pink and red
Lavenders (4 varieties)
Blue Atlas cedars, weeping and upright
Bamboos, 4 varieties
PJM rhododendrons
tulips by the hundreds, red, pink, orange
daffs and narcissus and hyacinths by the armfuls: white, yellow and Woodstock purple

About 40 jumbo pots are being delivered on Tuesday.
My car is already full of plants and lanterns and containers and plants and plants.
And lights.
And baskets.

I promise to post before, during and after photos of how it all comes together.