Orange you glad you asked? Orange plants for the landscape

I know some folks can’t abide the notion of orange flowers in the perennial garden, and I, too, once felt that way. I’ve since gotten past my prejudice and embrace orange with all the gusto it deserves. Here are a few of my favorite drought tolerant orange perennials.

The cheerful gaillardia, ‘Burgundy’. When given very little, and I mean LITTLE, supplemental water, this is a stalwart performer. Trust me, it does better without lots of water.

A gorgeous Indian Paintbrush

Another cheerful gaillardia, exact cultivar unknown.

And one of my all time faves and an Idaho native, orange globemallow. Think small clear, orange hollyhock. I cut mine back two or three times a season and it thrive. LOW WATER and I mean it.

Gardening 365 – Day 342