Open! Open! Open!

I am in Seattle, all tucked into my hotel room.  I have located my early bird tickets and laid out my clothes and camera for tomorrow.  A few minutes ago we saw all the big wigs leaving the Preview Gala at the show.  I was almost jealous.  Ah, but tomorrow, I will trot over to the show, show them my ticket, get on the escalator and head up to the third floor, get my press packet (yup, that’s me, a member of the press), and will be all giddy smelling the soil and the hyacinths.  Then, I will act like I am interested as I scurry past the floral arrangments to turn the corner into………………..drumroll………………the Exhibition Hall. 

 The reports from the gals who attended the press preview said that there are several big hits this year:  the pink and brown garden was their choice for best use of color.  There is a very cool garden that is mid-Century modern and a lovely country garden by Christianson’s Nursery. Oh, and the collaboration between Adam of Classic Gardens and the famous writer/artist, Nick Bantock.  Can’t wait to see that. 

Nothing to do now but wait.  Wait until 9am.  I have 12 hours.  Better double check the camera batteries.  Check the memory cards.  Do I have enough?  Notepad and pens?  Cell phone.  Full battery.  Water.  Check.  Checklist.