One of Jeff’s razzle dazzle containers

So, he’ll probably have a cow when he finds out I posted this photo, but let’s not tell him, OK?

Here’s one of the masterpiece container gardens my pal Jeff created earlier this season:

Cuphea \'Tiny Mice,\' Pelargonium \'Vancouver Centennial,\' new euphorbia \'Diamond Frost\' with impatiens and lamium

Cuphea 'Tiny Mice,' Pelargonium 'Vancouver Centennial,' new euphorbia 'Diamond Frost' with impatiens and lamium

And here’s my mumbo jumbo pot:

Hah! Can\'t see the soil inside anyway! so there!

Hah! Can't see the soil inside anyway! so there!

My plants are canna ‘Tropicana’, aeonium ‘Schwarzkopf,’ orange portulaca, angel vine, lime-green creeping Jenny, impomea ‘Sweet Caroline,’ and helenium ‘Copelia.’ A hybrid (name unknown) agapanthus to the left. Mixed succulents in the lower bowl.

Gotta tell you, that portulaca is one of the best plants I have ever used in a container. I am going to try the delosperma (ice plant) ‘Table Mountain’ next year.

My pots are the weather proof Vietnamese pottery.

So, dear readers, let’s see your pots…