one good turn deserves another

A couple of weeks ago, when in Seattle for the NW Flower and Garden Show, I had the great good fortune to dine at Oceanaire, one of Seattle’s premier seafood restaurants. Check out their menu here..

In my usual inimitable style, I ordered three appetizers: shrimp, crab and more crab. Oceanaire is famous not only for their seafood and raw bar, but also for their side dishes. Lordy, the side dishes: creamed spinach, smothered greens, garlic mashers, creamed corn and sauteed mushrooms. In season, add fried green tomatoes. There were six of us and we ordered 5 sides. The bowl of garlic mashed potatoes must have weighed about 2 pounds. Oh my. Yeah, we had about 6 pounds of leftover sides that went with two of our peeps back to their kitchenette/hotel setup for a tasty breakfast concoction. Mary Kate and Pat, how did that turn out?

Our waitress was superb and offered up her own recipe for dealing with the leftover mashed spuds. I am calling it Kelly’s Mashed Potato Soup. You just have to eyeball or wing it when it comes to proportions, but most of you are good cooks, so here goes:

Finely chop some onions and celery and saute in olive oil. Add some chicken or vegetable stock, the left over mashers, some dry mustard, some grated cheddar (sharp is excellent) and a dash of hot sauce. There is no cream or milk in her recipe but if you really had a hankering, I suppose you could add it. I haven’t had two or three cups of leftover mashers at hand of late, but thought I would get the recipe to you so you could try it while it is still potato soup weather. I have some Yukon golds that need to be used up, so you can guess what will become of them.

There you have it. Bon Appetit!