Olympic Medal Event: Gardeners face off for Gold-Silver-Bronze!

In honor of the Olympics and since it is County Fair time in many parts of the US, I have declared a brand new event, one for the gardening community. It will be a groovy new virtual event with your’s truly, the Diva of Dirt, sitting in the catbird’s seat handing out the awards. These Olympic gardening events, unlike the ones in Bejing, do not require mastery of the parallel bars or the monkey bars (but maybe should include mastery of the cocktail bar). Nor do they require a buff bod or zero body fat or you donning a speedo. See, I am very ,very fair minded.

As gardeners,we all have incredible skills of endurance (the grasshopper plague is almost over), stamina (how long can YOU weed?), skill (getting that damn tomato to ripen), strength (toting 17 bags of compost and 16 flats of plants to the garden). So, I am not concerned about time trials or other qualifying events. If you got here, you qualify.

Three rules:
1. You must link back to this website.
2. You must show me the best of the best of your garden. You decide what that is: single plant, single fabulous piece of produce, collection of tomatoes, collection of hoes, a garden vignette, whatever. Three entries per garden.
3. Deadline is Sunday night at midnight.

I will decide everything. I will give out the awards which will be smallish but very meaningful and thoughtful. I will make up categories as I feel like it. I am a huge fan of “style points.” Give it your Olympic best. Show me your stuff!