ok, so I am not really posting today, just redirecting you

I want to make sure you have something valuable to read when I have nothing of import to contribute, so here goes: check out The Slow Cook . This guy rocks. I especially like the sidebar comment that 25% of the crap that ends up in landfills could be composted. Yowsers.

I have a big-ass-fancy-pants composter. One of those big bins that turns over at the flick of a wrist. My mission is to get that composter composting. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could make all the compost I need for my garden and not have to PAY for it? I grew up watching my grandpa John do the compost thing. Coffee grounds, egg shells, carrot peels all tossed in and turned with a pitchfork every few days.

I also have a half -baked plan to design a kick-butt gorgeous kitchen garden this year. I love my perennials too much to grow just stuff to eat. I want plants that are purdy as well: penstemons, day lilies, a few roses, ornamental grasses, rudbeckias, echinaceas, sedums. But I also have fantasies about growing my own grapes again, stuffing the grape leaves even, and so many tomatoes from my suburban yard that the neighbors run for cover when they see me coming with the give-away bounty……you get the picture.

Soooooo many ideas so little time.