Now it’s a dahlia obsession

To go with those luscious lilies, I have a passel of dahlias to “pre-start,” today. Several years ago, my great horticulture coach, John Dodson, taught me how to jump start my dahlias. They are all about warm weather, so you need to give them a start in black plastic pots. Using 1 gal. pots (recycled is awesome), fill the pot w/planting mix about 2/3 full. Place the dahlia tuber on top, with the eye bud facing up. Top off with potting mix. Gently tamp down. Water thoroughly, only once. Make sure you’ve labeled the pots accordingly (if you care). I put mine in a line up against my southwest facing house foundation. You probably don’t need to water them again until you see the first set of leaves,up about an inch or two. Water thoroughly, but only once a week. Too much water will rot the tubers.

Here’s the 2013 lineup for Ranch du Bois: (click on the photo to enlarge it)

dahlias from tall grass farms