Now is the time and this is the place……..

To sow again. Sow, not sew or so and so.

Rip out those straggly looking annuals that you are sick and tired of looking at, and make way for some fresh salad greens. Or carrots. Or anything that you can grow in a pot in 60 days or less. Arugula. Beet greens. Scallions. You might even go out and buy yourself a new jumbo pot (most are on sale now) to plant in. Yes, jumbo, at least 20 inches across and bigger is better, size DOES matter. Fill the pot to within a couple of inches of the top of the pot with a good quality potting soil or a mix of half potting soil and half compost, preferably from your compost pile but any good brand is worth its price. Sprinkle the seeds carefully across the soil mix, put a half inch or so of the soil mix on top of the seeds, water in and wait a few days. Check to make sure the soil is moist but not soppy. In no time you will have fresh salad to take you throught until frost.

Meanwhile, I will be back in the kitchen whipping up another batch of pickles. This time, the baby dills my husband begs for. (Always keep them wanting.) I made twenty four pints of gorgeous bread and butters a couple of weeks ago. Good grief, I was in the kitchen pickling until 9 that night and the house smelled of vinegar and onions for two days. Husband helped with the sealing and clean up.

I will enlist his help again, this time for the packing of the jars -an ART if you ask him. The carrot piece has to look JUST right, and the onion strips JUST SO and the chile teppine standing on end, and two pieces of garlic and the dill fronds attractively arranged. Get the picture?

OK, now to order up that 20 pounds of baby cucumbers…..

Tomorrow, a recipe for summer borscht. I did read War and Peace this summer and we are having vodka and caviar and borscht to celebrate. Discuss amongst yourselves.