Northwest Flower and Garden Show

As I sit at my desk and write this there is just one day left of the 2007 show. I meant to write to you, dear readers, every day from the show, but after walking for miles (about 3 miles a day and on pavement or concrete), and falling into bed with spazzing legs, I decided to sleep when possible and take good notes and report back when I got home.

All in all, I would say this year’s show seemed flat and more than a little disappointing. Not one garden made me want to go back and stare at it, not one made me stand there and say, “now how the hell did they get that rose to grow and twine on that fence at this time of the year.” Not one garden made me say, “I’d take that lock-stock-and-barrel.” Or, who was the genius behind THAT garden?!!!?????

The plants were exquisite and well-placed. Hyacinths ruled in fragrance. Dandelions were a huge surprise as was purslane in the lobby garden. The car was the star of the Moonlight Dancing garden by my friend Sue Goetz. The garden was lovely but the lighting was too bright (not her fault). I didn’t get why the Founder’s Cup was awarded to the garden with the little painted animals. Why was that? The AW pottery garden was a showcase for their pottery and nothing wrong with that, but what was the deal with the Bedouin tent? Parts of it were held together with office paper clips. What’s that all about? And was that water feature a camel watering trough? Why was it elevated? I like fantasy as much as most folks but I just didn’t get some of the stuff. ‘Nuff said. Tomorrow I will download the photos and share them with you.