no ruby slippers

I am writing in the lobby of the HOTEL PARMA and am having trouble learning the European keyboard. supr means delete. and i am on a meter which will crack some of you up, knowing how i like to ramble.

para mis amigos: me comiendo con mis ojos y mi boca para tu. In otherwords my friends, I am eating with my eyes and stomach for you. (instead of bringing you presents). And a bang up job i am doing!

Tonite´s round of pintxos included jumbo marinated artichoke hearts with olive oil and little diced red and green bell pepper and onions; fried artichoke hearts wrapped with a piece of Iberian ham, skewered and adorned with a fresh shrimp and an olive; sliced pickles with a piece of tuna in between on a skewer; a small piece of chorizo, and a big glass of fresh sangria. And at this joint, they had 18 legs of ham (not lamb) hanging from the ceiling, each by a hoof. And a sheet of plastic under to catch the drips so the drips didn´t fall on me. Quaint custom to say the least. wait till you see the photos.

about the photos. i packed the wrong damn usb cable, couldn´t poach or borrow one from the American students, so will have to wait to do show and tell when i get home.

today i rode the txu txu. tx is pronounced like the ch in chicken. so choo choo. tour train.

and did i tell you, i spent yesterday in France. my oh my. this girl from Orofino, daughter of a logger/millworker sat in Biarritz drinking Bordeaux in the sun on the plaza. Golly.

and my apologies for the lack of photos.

DP, i did take a photo for you of the most glorious little plum cakes. going back tomorrow, to the pastilleria, to get one and to eat it. so there.

I have developed quite a liking for pastries. Eating at least two a day. And having cafe con leche about every three blocks. of course, i am walking about 3 miles a day. but you should see the pastries! little works of art.

one more thing before i run out my metered time: tonite, in the plaza of old town, a demonstration started at 8pm. old and young people were walking toward the sea with posters and a banner. a quiet and solemn demonstration. we were told it was to honor those who have died on behalf of the Basque independence movement. touchy subject here. A bus was blown up a week ago. 17 people have been arrested.

I´ll sign off here and will head to my room which overlooks the Playa de la Zurriola, and where I have to duck to keep out of sight of the folks doing their evening promenade. Good manners would dictate that i close my curtains but i can´t bear not to watch the goings on.

And right about now I could use a pair of ruby slippers. Agur.