News Flash: a better hotel rate for Seattle

When I first booked the room at the Seattle Sheraton, about 8 weeks ago, the going best rate available was $199 per night.  Ouch!  Hard to imagine paying two hundred smackers for a place to lay your head.  I did see a rate of $179 prepaid.  Seemed a little early to pay in advance.  Well, I went back to the website today, the price was $169.  Before I cancelled the original and spendy rez, I rang them up, asked about the $169, was told it was Internet only, that I would have to go back on line to book. Well, I just thought to ask, “Don’t you have any better rates?  Like a special for the Flower Show next door?” Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.  He comes back with $139!  Love it! Book it, Danno.

I can almost smell the hyacinths at the top of the Convention Center escalator.

Bought my early bird tickets on-line, not much savings but you save the waiting, waiting in line when the doors open.